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Repair Procedure
Return Material Authorization Policy & Procedures
For repair/replacement all materials returned are to be governed by the FITRIP Co.,Ltd’s Returned Material Authorization policy set forth here under.
The Returned Material Authorization Policy defines and sets the policy to be used to govern all materials returned to the FITRIP from Purchasers.
Return policy & procedures
Prior to any materials being returned to the FITRIP, written approval must first be obtained.
Purchaser shall first contact the FITRIP to get a RMA number with the suspected description of faults.
  • The customer will supply the RMA administer with the relevant information such as invoice number, serial number, model number and details of problems found in materials purchased.
  • RMA number (Returned Material Authorization) can only be issued by the authorized staff of the FITRIP.
  • RMA number will be issued within three (3) working days of the customer's first contact.
  • All RMA Products must be carefully and securely packed to protect against electrostatic discharge (ESD) and shipping damage. Return Products in their original shipping containers and antistatic sleeves, bags, tubes or trays. All RETURN shipments must have the RMA Number indicated clearly on the carton(s).
  • All RMA Products will be re-shipped to Purchaser not less than fourteen (14) working days upon receipt from the manufacturer.
  • The Purchaser will be billed at the standard rate for the repair and retest of any in-warranty Products if the failure is caused by reason of warranty violation as stated on the standard conditions of sale.
  • FITRIP will inform Purchaser of all chargeable RMA Products if the Products are found to be non-defective, abused, or not originally purchased from the FITRIP or not under warranty, an additional administration fee shall be charged.
  • Shipping and handling charges shall be applied as per following scheme:
    • A.  For repairs and transportation cost under warranty
      • From Purchaser to FITRIP:
      • For repairs cost---FITRIP's responsibility.
      • For transportation cost---Purchaser's responsibility.
      • From the FITRIP to Purchaser:
      • For transportation cost---FITRIP's responsibility.
    • B.  For non-warranty and out of warranty repairs
      • From Purchaser to the FITRIP and back to Purchaser
        -  Purchaser's responsibility
      • Defective materials will not be accepted unless pre-approved.
Defective materials arriving at the FITRIP without RMA will not be accepted from your carrier. The shipment may be refused.
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